I Was Going to Write About Editing

Then I spent the last three days working on the front porch so I didn’t actually do any editing to talk about. I really want to make a habit of writing a post every week and I chose Saturday as my day to do that. So I’m committed to writing right now whether I have a lot to talk about or not.

I suppose I should explain about the porch. Because my parents see so much potential in houses they tend to buy old homes that need a lot of work. This means that whenever their grown children are around, housework is on the agenda. I’ve scraped wallpaper, learned how to use drywall mud decently, painted, ripped up carpeting, destroyed walls, and put down laminate wood flooring. That’s in addition to all the regular things that are expected like cleaning, heavy lifting, and whatever else needs to be done around the house.

The porch was actually my idea. I thought it would be a nice Father’s Day gift to my dad if my younger sisters and I stained the front porch. What I didn’t realize when I began three days ago was that 1) you have to clean and sand before you can stain and 2) all three steps require sunshine and dry days. It’s been raining almost nonstop which has made cleaning the wood difficult. We just finished off cleaning today (took MUCH longer than I had anticipated) and tomorrow is the first time in the forecast there’s supposed to be two sunny days in a row. Hopefully we can sand in the early afternoon then stain in the evening.

My dad has been aware of the project and is excited to see it completed. However, he’s also a perfectionist and that’s just not how the rest of the family rolls. He thinks that we’re gonna use a palm sander on the entire porch. It’s like 250 square feet, plus the steps. There is NO WAY that after scrubbing that entire deck on my hands and knees that I’m going to be on my hands and knees AGAIN just to sand that sucker. Not gonna happen. We’re gonna tape sandpaper to a mop and see how that goes. We’ll see what happens.

It will by no means be perfect. There are already mistakes. But, it’s going to look really fabulous and we have family pictures next weekend so it’ll look good for those. Plus, dad’s excited for it! He’s such a perfectionist he’s almost never excited for us, inexperienced children to do hardcore work on the house. This time he seems happy about it. He’s impressed with what we’ve done so far and mom says he’s really looking forward to having it done.

At least it’ll be one more thing off the million mile list of things that need to be done on this house.


UPDATE: I caved and started using the palm sander because the sandpaper-mop idea just absolutely bombed. Then I realized that the job was, in fact, WAY TOO BIG for a palm sander. After speaking with my father it was decided that he would like to purchase a belt sander for his own personal use (he actually got really excited when I started showing him different models on Lowe’s website). So tomorrow we will be the proud owners of a new belt sander and, hopefully, same day I will have the porch sanded. Fingers crossed.


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