Things I Should Be Doing

  1. Reading.

I haven’t been reading recently which is ridiculous. As a writer, I should be reading everyday. But I haven’t read for fun since probably junior year of college, arguably not a super long time but still a while. I feel like I don’t have time, partly because I’ve been working on my parents’ house so much this month. It’s really no excuse. I need to come up with a reading list to go through the too many books I already own.

2. Writing.

This blog has actually really helped. I tend to get caught up in Youtube videos or my mom’s plans to go grocery shopping or taking on home projects that take eight times longer than planned. It’s a real problem. I keep thinking I need to be writing. It’s a full time job and I haven’t been devoting full time hours to it. My new plan is to sacrifice work on the porch so that I can write. I’m limiting my daily porch/housework to 3 or 4 hours so I can have plenty of time for this blog, my yet-to-be-a-reality fiverr gigs, editing my e-book, and generating new writing.

3. Setting up my workspace

I have a desk that is currently covered in nothing that needs to be there in order for me to work. I’ve been putting off cleaning it up because who knows why and will get it finished in however long it takes. But seriously, it needs to be done so I can have a space for working. I’m seriously considering clearing off the landing just off my room and making that my office. It would be a nice space to have, for sure but do I want to clean the landing?

4. Everything on my to-do list

I have so many things to do that I’m just not getting done. Whether that’s because those things are taking longer than expected or because I just haven’t felt like doing them, they need to be done. I really need to get back into memorization (on my list), that’s something that has been really helpful to me in the past and I hop that it will continue to be an asset.

5. Relaxing.

I need to remember to make time to have some lone moments. Not moments where I sit and watch Youtube or a movie but a time when I can actually relax without distractions. Maybe with just a pen and paper to generate ideas. I think it would be really good for me to block off even just 20 minutes a day to do that. It would also definitely help me generate new work but it would be good me-time.


There is always more to do, always more that need to happen. I’m a determined kind of person but at the same time I can often lose hope that I’ll ever be able to do everything. I also like to hold things back from people even though I shouldn’t. It’s because I’m afraid that if I share it, other people will influence me too much or if I don’t finish it then others will judge me. I shouldn’t be afraid of these things because I have really good support group. Still, those self-doubts are there. This list isn’t even as detailed or specific as it probably should be because I don’t want to share tooo much.

But this list IS manageable. In fact, I’ve got some time right now. I’ll get working on the space I need for writing. I’ll let you know how it goes.


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