Writing New Things

This is probably going to be a short post. This weekend is my brother’s wedding so between food prep for that and traveling to get there and home, it has been (and will be!) quite hectic! But I didn’t want to leave my faithful readers hanging this week so here we are.

I’ve been writing more new things this week. Not anything I’m thinking about publishing (although it’s always possible in the future) or even showing to anyone else. They’ve been really short story bits or just a scene that came to mind. Last week I talked about how I’ve been keeping up on my small scheduling goals with writing new as well as working on something old every day and how great it’s been working for me. Something I’ve noticed  is that I’ve been blessed with more ideas. Last year I had ideas, yes, but by the end of school I wasn’t writing new things because I didn’t feel like I had time with all my other work. As a direct result, I wasn’t getting any new ideas for writing. Once I was out of school I was left in this slump where I didn’t know how to write for fun anymore. I was so focused and determined that I wasn’t letting myself be loose enough to have a good time. Because of that, I felt like my muse had left me for a 19 year old yoga instructor in Cali. I had no new ideas jumping into my brain like I was used to before senior year of college. I was struggling to come up with anything to put on the page.

These last two weeks I’ve been slowly winning my muse back with gentle coaxing and promises of grandeur. The more I make myself start new work, the more ideas I get for new work. It’s a really wonderful feeling. It’s like I’m going back to when I had to carry around notebooks and I would fill them with hundreds of ideas throughout a week.

I’m just hoping to maintain this momentum. If cared for, I think my muse will eventually move back in. That trip to Cali really cost me.


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