It’s officially December!! Christmas is coming!!

Traditionally, that means gift giving. Whether for Christmas or Hannukah or whatever you celebrate, gifting has infiltrated a lot of religious—and non-religious— holidays that didn’t really start with it. Some people dislike the tradition because they see it as a deviation from what the holidays originally meant.

I like giving gifts to people. Friends, relatives, even just to people I don’t know very well like new coworkers or classmates. I like to pick out what I think the person will really like and I put a lot of thought into their personality, their interests, etc. I want them to like it. If they don’t, then I want them to tell me so I can figure out something different for the future. I’m not one of those people who really wants to watch you open the gift, I just want to know if it’s a good one or not. Never will I take offense if someone dislikes a gift.

I never think I’ve gotten the perfect gift. Even tho I know they’ll probably like what I decide to get them, what they don’t know is how many other ideas I had for them and how long I deliberated over what I purchased or made. They don’t know what my first grand plan was. It was probably extensive and unrealistic. I usually want to make something insanely detailed and elaborate and specifically and carefully designed for the receiver. By the time the dust settles I’ve become more realistic, probably purchased a few things, time has passed. I had to settle for one thing or another or I can’t get exactly what I had in mind.

When they get the gift, they usually like it just fine and I’m happy to have given it. But this yr I’ve been feeling this nagging in the back of my mind that what I got maybe wasn’t the best. That maybe something I decided against was better or maybe a better option would’ve come along later. I get this way about any gifts because I take them so seriously. There are only so many opportunities throughout the year to give gifts so I feel very limited. I don’t want to give too much or too often because I know how that can make people feel obligated to give me things back. They aren’t obligated to give me anything back.

I like giving gifts a lot more than getting them. I think it’s just a different kind of pressure when it comes to opening gifts and that’s why I don’t ever feel bad if someone doesn’t like the gift I got them. I know the pressure on the receiving end to act like you like whatever you got, even if you don’t. Yeah, I do feel a little disappointment when someone doesn’t like what I gave but at the same time, I appreciate honesty and I don’t want to continue giving gifts they don’t really want. I’d rather know and be disappointed than be known as a bad gifter who never changes their ways.

Whether you put incredible thought into gift giving or if you go straight for the wishlist and gift cards (which are still thoughtful! Just less time-consuming), this is still a wonderful time of the year to both give and receive! To me, it’s a reminder of God’s gift to us, His son, Jesus. There’s no better gift than that!


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