Watching Movies with a Writer

Watching Movies with a Writer

I don’t go see movies by myself. Ever. It’s not because of my previous talked about fear of other people or anything like that, I just don’t see the point in watching a movie alone. I want to share the experience with someone else. I do rewatch movies by myself sometimes, generally having them play in the background while I multitask but that’s about it. I will always prefer watching with someone rather than alone.

I feel that way because what I love to do with movies is analyze them. Or at the very least, talk about them. What did we like/dislike? Were the characters developed well? What did you think about the inclusion of that particular scene? Was there a point to that one guy existing? Did I miss something that you noticed? I watch a lot of movie critics on Youtube and feel like I’ve developed an okay sense for how good movies are overall while still acknowledging that there are a lot of subjective elements. There are many movies that I really love but when it comes to even looking at the technical execution of them… well, let’s just say they leave something to be desired.

So obviously people change and grow over time and in college I was really getting into the super sarcastic movie reviewers who were hilarious but harsh. I was probably not the best person to watch a movie with. (I did still often hold back. It’s not like I would go off on twenty minute rants during a film but I could easily go off or make really mean comments without thinking.) I also didn’t, and being honest here, still don’t, connect to characters on the screen very well. So I was literally the worst person to watch movies with: detached, sarcastic, and harsh with a working knowledge of what a movie should be able to reasonably accomplish.

My three roommates, we’ll name them, Jamie, Dawn, and Cheyenne (I’m sure you can guess who you are if you read this) and I lived in a townhouse on campus my last year at school so we had a living room and kitchen etc. Jamie had a TV that was set up in the living room area and Dawn had a Netflix account and an extensive dvd collection.

I was literally banned, by Jamie and Dawn, from watching Tokyo Ghoul with them because I was that terrible to watch things with. But also there was this weird phenomenon that happened in our house where, despite my inability to connect to the characters on the screen in the same way my roommates did, I was actually allowed to ask real questions whereas our fourth roommate, Cheyenne, was not allowed to ask questions under literally any circumstances.

Now, about Cheyenne. I love this girl, she’s a great person, a wonderful human being, really smart. But oh my gracious DO NOT let her walk in on you watching a movie or tv show that she hasn’t seen before! She’s one of those people who will start a movie with you and five minutes in, turn to you and ask, “Why did he do that?” Now imagine she just walked in to a 2 hour film at the hour and a half mark.

The thing that Cheyenne and I have in common is that we’re both writers. She’s more of a poetry person whereas I focus more on prose. But we both write all kinds of things.

If I walk in on a movie or tv show I’ll always wait to ask any questions. I have a decently active imagination and I feel like, for the most part, I can infer the general tone/direction of things going on. If I can’t then I have to decide if I’m interested enough in what I perceive is the concept to ask about it or if I’m just going to keep my peace. Then I can choose a question that will most effectively get me exactly the information I need while minimally disrupting the viewing of my friends.

Cheyenne is naturally inquisitive and she looks at the world in a way that I still don’t fully understand. As soon as a question comes up in her mind she wants to know the answer. She’s impatient too. So while I may analyze your movie to death and maybe make you hate it because now you see flaws that you didn’t before, Cheyenne will just completely derail the entire watching experience if you don’t give her what she wants. I mean, I’ve watched all the light in Dawn’s eyes die as she, for the fifth time, brings up that she is not actually all-knowing and can’t say what will happen next in a movie she’s never seen before.

Not sure where I was going with this story but it makes me feel nostalgic and I laugh a little inside when I think about how royally irritated Jamie and Dawn would get with me and Cheyenne. I just really miss all of them a lot. We still talk to each other but physical distance is hard to deal with sometimes.

If we ever watch a movie together I’ll just sit next to Cheyenne and answer all her questions as quietly as I can while annoying her with analysis. Clearly a win-win situation.


A Thank You Post

It’s been a long week and I don’t really have a normal post today. It was one of those weeks where I start thinking about a couple of different ideas but just didn’t bring them to any kind of conclusion. But I didn’t want to leave you hanging with nothing this week.

So I’d just like to take this week and just say thank you to you, my reader. Without you, I probably would’ve given up on this blog months ago. It’s so encouraging to see that someone cares about reading this stuff. Whether you’re my best friend or a complete stranger, I appreciate you. Seriously.

I don’t know how to explain how elated I am every week when I see that I have views on my post. It’s both amazing and terrifying. Someone out there cares about this little blog on the internet that I run from my parents’ house, which is amazing! It’s also scary to see people reading it because it means people care about this little blog on the internet!

It’s a paradox. I love that people care but also it feels like a big responsibility to have a platform and to share with people.

But I love it anyway. I love seeing comments and responding to your thoughts. I want this to be a conversation as much as it is just me throwing my thoughts out there.

Thanks for showing up for this one! If you’re new here, thank you for trying out my blog! Thank you to each of you for being awesome and thank you especially to those who come here week after week to read my content!

Resolutions Update

Last year I wrote about getting rid of things and how I was thinking about what I would physically leave behind when I die. Then I made some resolutions at the beginning of the year.

Well, it’s been a few months since my decision to downsize and it’s been about a month and a half since my resolutions were made. So how’s that going for me?

In all honesty I felt like I was completely failing until I actually went back and looked at what I wrote for my resolutions. I should probably print that whole post out and tape it to the wall or something. I’m behind on a couple goals and seriously just failing some things.

Let’s review:


I’ve done a little bit of work on both of these things but we’re talking a LITTLE work. I got my little sister to type up one of my friend stories that I was writing by hand and I started to go through it again but haven’t touched it in a few weeks. I had a conversation with my oldest sister about the novel and we worked out some details but I haven’t started putting any of that information into the story yet. When I thought up this goal I thought I was being pretty lenient on myself. Like, maybe I should’ve put a monthly word count or something to really push myself. I’m glad I didn’t do that but at the same time I’m thinking I do need to have something more tangible than this. (Seems as though it’s not as SMART of a goal as I thought!) So now I will impose a word count on myself. It’ll be very small, just something to start me off getting into the swing of things again: 500 words a month. That’s not even a page. It’s like, just over a hundred words a week which is roughly two paragraphs. I almost feel juvenile just putting that teeny tiny goal out there. But hey, it’s something. I don’t know how many words I wrote last month but it might not have even been 500 so I think it’s a good place to start.


This is one I’m utterly failing and I feel like garbage for it. I got through maybe 10 chapters of Psalms so far, off and on, through January. It’s not as though this puts me behind for Psalms since it’s fairly easy to read through the book in a few months if you’re dedicated. I haven’t even really touched Romans yet which puts me dangerously behind on a goal of eight chapters in a year when a month and a half have vanished into the abyss of wasted time. I haven’t asked anyone yet but what I’m going to do is ask a couple friends to help me out with this one. I think having someone who’s not me reminding me about this goal from time to time would help me accomplish it. I would know that I’m not just disappointing myself but also my friend for not working on these things.


This goal is going alright. I’m wearing through my wardrobe pretty well already and I’ve watched quite a few of my movies and tv shows. My books aren’t going super great. I think I’m just learning that I’m not that into rereading. Which is fine, I guess. I’m still working on Shiver from a few weeks ago. It’s not a difficult read or anything it’s just… Like I’m noticing things about it that I probably skimmed over the first read and I don’t necessarily like everything I’ve noticed. I’m finding I don’t like the characters as much because I already know them but they don’t know themselves yet even though they will at the end of the book. So it’s slow going on books. I’m trying. I’m working on it. Hopefully the more I read, the more into the stories I’ll get. I haven’t looked at the boxes of my stored things yet but I’m glad I wrote this update because I completely forgot I was doing that.



Currently Reading: Shiver


**Sorry for the late posting this week! I had time earlier in the week but didn’t use it wisely so I had to write this one fast today!**

Torches Required, Pitchforks Optional

Fake news. Boycotts. Outrage. Fear mongering.

Don’t see a movie because they did a thing!

Don’t buy this brand coffee because the owner did a thing!

Don’t read this book because the author did a thing!

Protest this thing because thing did a thing!

So, what you’re saying is, that after careful research and well thought out arguments you find that you disagree with certain business practices and/or political views so you would suggest that if I also don’t agree with these things then I should not do business with these people?

Oh, you just read one online article about it and made your choice that way… Okay then.

I do not enjoy the news. I’m not sure I ever did. I like to be informed but these days that’s becoming increasingly difficult because of the mass of misinformation that’s constantly being reported by media outlets. They report stories faster than the story develops so half of what they say is wrong, they just don’t care. They just say whatever is going to get the most people angry so the story will be shared faster than a wildfire.

The more I see it, the more annoyed I get. Well-meaning people on Facebook telling me to boycott something so that thing will be forced to change. But when I take all of five minutes out of my day to Google the topic and read about it I learn that there’s nothing to get up in arms about at all. Like, omygosh, Starbucks is going to hire refugees! BOYCOTT STARBUCKS BECAUSE THEY SHOULD BE HIRING VETERANS! Oh… you mean, Starbucks already has a program to hire veterans? You mean, hiring 10,000 people across more than one continent isn’t actually going to hurt me or any veterans? You mean I jumped to conclusions based on little or no evidence? WOW THAT’S SOMETHING I NEVER DO!

If something is worth pushing people to hurt someone or someone’s business then you better be able to defend that stance. You can’t just tell me to stop buying Starbucks and then when I ask if you confirmed the information you didn’t even bother looking at more than one article about it.

The internet mob is ready to disown you at the drop of a hat. All I have to do is write something about how you hate some marginalized group. Actually, I don’t even have to write an article, I could just write a headline and it would spread just as fast. Maybe one or two of your close friends would ask you about it but on the whole, no one would care to verify. They would just destroy you then move on to the next big thing. Sound like fun? Probably not.

If a business is really killing kittens to make laptops then let’s get up in arms about that! Grab your torches and pitchforks! Let’s move against the tyranny! But if what really happened was that a single stray kitten got into the factory and died playing in the dangerous equipment then let’s not do that. I mean, they probably feel terrible about the whole thing and whoever had to clean that up is already pissed off enough.

I think that people should be held accountable for their actions but can we all make sure that those actions actually exist? If something is unverified then keep tabs on it, see what happens next. When it’s confirmed, be angry. If it’s found to be untrue then you didn’t unnecessarily hurt another human being.

Give people the benefit of the doubt. Don’t jump onto the anger bandwagon. Use your logic and reason and the mass of information at your fingertips to find the truth. There’s always two sides to a story.