Resolutions Update

Last year I wrote about getting rid of things and how I was thinking about what I would physically leave behind when I die. Then I made some resolutions at the beginning of the year.

Well, it’s been a few months since my decision to downsize and it’s been about a month and a half since my resolutions were made. So how’s that going for me?

In all honesty I felt like I was completely failing until I actually went back and looked at what I wrote for my resolutions. I should probably print that whole post out and tape it to the wall or something. I’m behind on a couple goals and seriously just failing some things.

Let’s review:


I’ve done a little bit of work on both of these things but we’re talking a LITTLE work. I got my little sister to type up one of my friend stories that I was writing by hand and I started to go through it again but haven’t touched it in a few weeks. I had a conversation with my oldest sister about the novel and we worked out some details but I haven’t started putting any of that information into the story yet. When I thought up this goal I thought I was being pretty lenient on myself. Like, maybe I should’ve put a monthly word count or something to really push myself. I’m glad I didn’t do that but at the same time I’m thinking I do need to have something more tangible than this. (Seems as though it’s not as SMART of a goal as I thought!) So now I will impose a word count on myself. It’ll be very small, just something to start me off getting into the swing of things again: 500 words a month. That’s not even a page. It’s like, just over a hundred words a week which is roughly two paragraphs. I almost feel juvenile just putting that teeny tiny goal out there. But hey, it’s something. I don’t know how many words I wrote last month but it might not have even been 500 so I think it’s a good place to start.


This is one I’m utterly failing and I feel like garbage for it. I got through maybe 10 chapters of Psalms so far, off and on, through January. It’s not as though this puts me behind for Psalms since it’s fairly easy to read through the book in a few months if you’re dedicated. I haven’t even really touched Romans yet which puts me dangerously behind on a goal of eight chapters in a year when a month and a half have vanished into the abyss of wasted time. I haven’t asked anyone yet but what I’m going to do is ask a couple friends to help me out with this one. I think having someone who’s not me reminding me about this goal from time to time would help me accomplish it. I would know that I’m not just disappointing myself but also my friend for not working on these things.


This goal is going alright. I’m wearing through my wardrobe pretty well already and I’ve watched quite a few of my movies and tv shows. My books aren’t going super great. I think I’m just learning that I’m not that into rereading. Which is fine, I guess. I’m still working on Shiver from a few weeks ago. It’s not a difficult read or anything it’s just… Like I’m noticing things about it that I probably skimmed over the first read and I don’t necessarily like everything I’ve noticed. I’m finding I don’t like the characters as much because I already know them but they don’t know themselves yet even though they will at the end of the book. So it’s slow going on books. I’m trying. I’m working on it. Hopefully the more I read, the more into the stories I’ll get. I haven’t looked at the boxes of my stored things yet but I’m glad I wrote this update because I completely forgot I was doing that.



Currently Reading: Shiver


**Sorry for the late posting this week! I had time earlier in the week but didn’t use it wisely so I had to write this one fast today!**


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