Feeling Off

I wrote a post for this week and didn’t feel great about it so I sent it to a friend for feedback. They said it was okay but seemed a bit rambly and the tone was a tad self-righteous in spots. It was exactly what I didn’t want. The topic wasn’t anything controversial but it was a last minute choice to write about it and I wasn’t exactly invested.

That’s not how I want to run this blog. I don’t ever want to post something I don’t feel right about. Not that I felt wrong, it’s more that I felt off. It wasn’t quite me. It wasn’t quite what I wanted. It wasn’t quite worth sharing.

I was looking up how to get more traffic to my blog this week (which is possibly part of the problem because it got me feeling pretty down). The advice I kept finding came in three parts: to use clickbait titles, use key words a lot to show up in Google search better, and make your posts longer than 1,000 words because Google favors those.

I refuse to use clickbait for my titles. I try to title my posts in such a way that if someone were looking through my archives they would get an idea of what the posts were about just by the title. Clickbait doesn’t do that so well (although it’s not impossible). I didn’t get a chance to look up any keywords yet so I can’t really comment on whether or not I’d be willing to use any. I have a feeling I would have to force them into posts. As for making my blog longer, I make my posts less than 1,000 words because I feel like it’s a good length. It’s a fast read and I’ve even mentioned before how I like to say what I need to say in as few words as possible. So that’s right out the window. My posts may change length over time but it’ll happen organically, not just to get more views.

I want to share. I want to give. I want to make the world better. I want to debunk stereotypes about Christians. I want to spread God’s love. I want each reader to learn. I want to learn about my readers, their opinions, their thoughts, their lives. I want to learn about myself. I want to learn about God. I want to feel passion for what I talk about.

If I’m not focused on those things then there’s no point in me writing at all.

This post, I suppose, is simply a refocusing. I’ve felt a bit off for the last two weeks and I think it’s just some little things going on in my life. Some are good and some aren’t good. They all need space in my head regardless of positiveness.

Life is life. God is good. Moving on to a hopefully better week and feeling like myself again.


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