On about Tuesday of this week I had a post idea in mind. Oh, it was good. And I’ll still probably write it but it’s not going to happen today. Why? Because it is 6pm and I’m writing this in a near panic to get this posted at a decent hour today.

I wanted to do an analysis of the book 13 Reasons Why by Jay Asher (which would’ve been really timely but now will probably get lost in the sea of posts about it already but I guess that’s the price I pay). I read it in high school and with the Netflix show out it has become pretty popular (not to mention I work in a book store and we sold out of the book pretty fast). So on Tuesday I reread the book and remembered how much it had meant to me at the time and how I felt like it was getting some very harsh and undeserved criticism because of the show. I don’t have Netflix so I won’t be writing a compare/contrast, just a straight analysis of the book: what I remember from my first read, what I found on my second, etc.

“Hey,” you say to me. “You thought of this Tuesday and you didn’t write the post for this week? That’s a lot of days to NOT write it.”

It is. And of course there were probably some opportunities to write it but on the whole I was extra busy this week. My cat has been pretty ill this week too. Last night, after work, I went to my church’s Secret Church gathering to catch the tail end of it. Then I woke up earlier than I probably should’ve because my brain hates me. Then my mother, sister, and I went to a special fundraiser for 91four that was a good time and helped a great cause. So it’s been a long and stressful week with some but not as many as usual opportunities to write my post.

I did get some notes down and figured out some quotes from the book I want to use but I really need to take more time to figure out what I want to say. I’m a fan of analysis and I’ve enjoyed the little I’ve been able to do this week, it’s just not enough for a post yet.

So that’s on hold until I do some more research and while I like analysis on my own, I don’t like research.

I told my coworker this week that I won’t write historical fiction or essentially anything that takes place around real events because I hate researching those things. Don’t get me wrong, I love learning. I can spend hours looking up a topic and I can get sucked down a rabbit hole of websites pretty fast. However, those moments are generally accidental. Like, I look up one little fact and suddenly I’m looking into getting a textbook on a completely different topic. It takes a lot of my willpower to sit down and choose to research.

But I’m finding that what I want to write about these days is going to take some research. Nothing too crazy but I want to be able to back up what I say. Yeah, all of this blog is just my opinions right now and that’s okay, I like it. I’m not going to stop sharing those thoughts. I just have topics in mind that need more time and energy to write about coherently.

Sorry that two posts these last few weeks have essentially just been “I’m not writing the post I intended, apologies” kind of things. Some things have been changing in my life and I want to keep up on everything but I don’t want to lie to you or post something I’ll despise later. I won’t put up a front or act like I have everything together for this blog because (it’s in the name isn’t it?) I want to be honest above everything else. I guess right now, these not-so-normal-posts are part of that.


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