This week marks the one year anniversary of this blog! Crazy, right? Well, I think it’s crazy.

Whether you’ve been with me for 11 months or 6 months or this is only the first or second post you’re reading, I value you. I started this blog thinking everything was going to fall into place easily. I thought that I would have five-thousand followers in a week and I’d break into the publishing world in a heartbeat. I thought I would write all my posts well in advance, days or weeks before needed so I could carefully polish each one so they were each perfect. So none of what I thought would happen actually happened.

As of writing this, I have 33 followers. Which, to me a year ago, is almost none. But to me now, it’s a lot. I can’t believe that 33 human beings actively decided to keep track of my writing. 33!! That’s more people than I have in my immediate family so I must be doing something right! It amazes me that anyone but my very close friends are even vaguely interested in my thoughts. It’s probably going to continue amazing me for a long time.

It’s been a long and short year. I published an ebook. I finished redoing the front porch with my dad. My family saved and re-homed three kittens. I ranted. And I ranted some more. Okay, I ranted a lot. I made goals for the new year (which I need to revisit but I think I’m doing okay). I got a couple jobs. I quit one of those jobs. I got promoted at the job I kept.

Even though I’m not exactly where I had envisioned I would be by now, I feel like I’m in a good place. I’ve accomplished some stuff this year which includes writing this blog consistently every week. I think I missed one week in there at some point but even writing 51 posts in a year I’m pretty impressed since I tried and failed to write a blog in the past. This has been a real commitment for me. It’s really the only fully consistent writing I’ve done for the year and I’ve loved doing it.

There’s always a nervousness to publishing each week. My brain goes straight to worst case scenario. Like, maybe it’ll be weirdly controversial and I’ll go viral for all the wrong reasons. Or maybe someone I respect will call me out and I’ll realize I had everything all wrong. So far, that hasn’t happened. I do wish I got more tangible feedback sometimes with comments but really, I’m just happy to see people reading.

I appreciate you, reader. Each of you. And I will continue to appreciate you. Whether this time next year I have 500 followers or still just 33, I’m happy. It’s like being a small part of someone else’s life and that’s fabulous. Keep being awesome and I’ll keep writing this blog and hopefully we’ll hear from each other plenty this year!


2 thoughts on “IT’S BEEN A YEAR

    1. Thank you! 🙂 It’s so encouraging to hear that! I’m really looking forward to the next couple months especially, I have a few posts in mind I’m already excited about!


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